Ready to get started?

So, you've read through our feature list and are ready to dive into CiviHR. We don't blame you; it's a great tool and getting better by the day!

There are currently three ways to begin using CiviHR, although the first is by far the easiest.

1) Use the hosted version

If you're responsible for HR at your organisation, you can get up and running with CiviHR straight away, by signing up for our hosted version. This is free while CiviHR is in public beta, up until the end of March 2018. From then on it will be charged at £1 per user per month (unpaid volunteers will remain free of charge). You can cancel at any time.

Sounds good. So, how do I sign up?

Click the button below to go to our signup form and we'll get you up and running!

Sign up now

2) Use our one-command installation script

If you're tech savvy and wish to host CiviHR yourself, we have written a simple installation process that will install all the dependencies you need and put you on the most stable release version.

What will that install?

In short: Drupal, CiviCRM, CiviHR. in that order, using in a single command.

If you're looking to see what Drupal modules and CiviCRM extensions we use, take a look at our wiki:

So how do I start?

Our GitHub repository will guide you through the installation process, including the server level dependencies required before you start.

Go to Github

3) Develop with the buildkit

If you're a developer, there's a self-hosted install that you compile yourself. Choose this if you're happy to contribute code CiviHR.

This option starts with the CiviCRM buildkit, which provides you with a suite of development tools. Once you’re up and running with the buildkit, you can use the following line of code to get your local CiviHR build going:

civibuild create hr16 --civi-ver 4.7.18 --hr-ver staging --url http://localhost:8900 --admin-pass yourAdminPassword

Please note that while we won’t be in a position to accept contributions until the end of 2017, you can still obtain a build and have a play with the code.

Start using the buildkit

CiviHR is a project to create a great open source HR solution for non-profit organisations. By developing technology in a collaborative manner the benefits can be shared with non-profits everywhere. 

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