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The data you will see is for a fictional organisation called ‘Second Chance Community School (SCCS)’ based in London, UK. SCCS is involved in grassroots schooling for youth who didn’t have the chance to reach their full potential the first time around.

It has five branches across London with a total of 100 staff. At its head offices in Victoria, the core team works on fundraising, admin, and finance. The focus of the other four offices is project operations. Community mobilizers reach out to youth in their region to get enrolled in literacy, numeracy or computer courses. SCCS employ full time and part time teachers, community mobilizers, and office assistants.

You can use the login information below to try out different staff access levels.

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Any data you enter on this demo site is ‘publicly available’ due to the open login. Please do not enter real email addresses or other personal information.

The demo database is reset periodically.

CiviHR is a project to create affordable HR software for non-profit organisations. By developing open source technology the benefits can be shared with non-profits everywhere. 

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