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We know that HR is difficult, especially for non-profits with limited budgets and high numbers of volunteers and part-time staff. CiviHR is a non-profit, open source, cloud-based software, designed to be affordable and easy to use while still providing all the features expected from a comprehensive HR solution.

You can use CiviHR online for free for the first six months. Thereafter it will cost £1 per user account per month with unpaid volunteers remaining free of charge. You can cancel at any time and take away a copy of your data.

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Self Service Portal

Members of staff can log in to their Self Service Portal at anytime, from any location, and on any device. From here they can apply for leave, edit their contact details, check internal job vacancies, read policy documents, look up the staff directory, and view any tasks assigned to them.

Reports & Dashboards

Choose from a list of standard reports or create your own interactive tables and charts using our drag and drop tool. Share these online with colleagues, download them to other formats such as CSV, or simply print them out.

Detailed Staff Profiles

Store the key details about each staff member, such as their identity, home address, emergency contacts, and right to work. You can look up the terms of their current job contract, update to reflect a recent pay rise or search through the history of past revisions.

Leave & Absences

Staff can submit leave requests via the Self Service Portal, and managers can approve online. Choose from Holiday, Sickness, TOIL, Parental, or define your own leave types. We support flexible working patterns for part time and casual staff with leave entitlements calculated on a pro rata basis.


Upload copies of documents, such as passports, contracts, and driving licences. Alternatively, staff can do this themselves from their Self Service Portal. Record expiry dates of documents such as visas, so that HR can be reminded when it is time to renew.

Joining & Exiting

Create a list of tasks that must be completed whenever a member of staff joins or exits the organisation. Set due dates on these tasks, and assign them to the relevant managers. Track progress through the dashboard so you can make sure that everything is finished on time.

Coming soon

These are the next modules that we are working on and we welcome feedback from any organisations interested in influencing their development.

  • Payroll exporting

    The Payroll Export module will provide an easy way for you to export data for payroll systems, taking into account salary adjustments for benefits, joiners, leavers and absences.

    1.7.2 / January 2018
  • Recruitment

    Manage the hiring of your next team member, all within CiviHR. The new Recruitment module will cover everything from posting vacancies on external job sites, to tracking of applicants, organising candidate pipelines, scheduling interviews and onboarding.

    1.8.0 / March 2018

Who is behind civihr?

Compucorp Developer

The project is developed by Compucorp, a London-based digital and design agency that specialises in creating solutions for non-profits that are based on open source software. 'We like to build stuff, sometimes complicated stuff, for people who like to make a difference. For us its all about helping our clients do more with their online presence. We use open source to make a real difference in people's lives'.

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Drishtant Project Manager

The project manager is Drishtant, a Mumbai consultancy that applies the principles of frugal innovation to make technology affordable to charities without compromising quality. 'Organisations in the social sector put tremendous effort into mobilising resources to change the world. We believe that these resources can be utilised more efficiently by using appropriate technology. We help organisations to use technology, and save time and funds, thereby delivering stronger social impact'.

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CiviCRM Open Source Community

CiviHR makes use of code from CiviCRM, the third sector's leading CRM software. CiviCRM is built and maintained by a global community of tens of thousands of contributors and supporters for the benefit of non-profits worldwide. The CiviCRM vision is that all organisations – regardless of their size, budget, or focus – have access to an amazing CRM to engage their contacts and achieve their missions.

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Zing Sponsor

Funding for the project is provided by Zing, a UK charitable foundation which sponsors the development of technology for the third sector. 'Zing is a private foundation that supports its partners with investments and access to web technologies and expertise. We are attracted by organisations with a proven business model that is scalable, sustainable, and responds cost effectively to a community/society need'.

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organisations already using civihr

Friends Provident Foundation

Friends Provident Foundation is an independent grant-making charity that focuses on exploring the role of money and financial systems as a force for social good. They aim to create improved access to financial services for those who are currently excluded, particularly those on low incomes, and to contribute to an economic system that is both fairer and more sustainable.

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UK Youth

UK Youth is a leading national charity that empowers young people to take control of their own lives and reach their full potential. We do this by connecting a vast network of youth groups across the UK and running a range of innovative programmes that help young people develop the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed in life.

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Right to Succeed

Right to Succeed is a charity with a mission to eliminate the effects of poverty and system failure upon the achievement of young people, giving every child the Right to Succeed. Our approach is to bring together best practice educationalists & deliverers, philanthropists, government commissioners, and social investors to develop, pilot and scale solutions to educational inequality.

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Animal Equality

Animal Equality is one of the leading farmed animal protection organisations in the world. Founded in 2006, they focus on research-based interventions to bring about incremental change for farmed animals. To this end, they employ highly-qualified professionals with years of experience in undercover investigations, corporate campaigns, political outreach and the development of large-scale education programs.

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Breakfast meeting - 10 May 2018

Join us for breakfast in Manchester as we go through the system and answer any question you have...

St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, Manchester M12 6FZ


We’d love to hear from you! Whether you’re looking for a new HR system or to change from your current one, we’ll show you how your organisation can benefit from CiviHR. Just fill in the simple form below to help us understand a little bit more about you and someone from our team will be in contact shortly. 


CiviHR is a project to create affordable HR software for non-profit organisations. By developing open source technology the benefits can be shared with non-profits everywhere. 

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